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Lake Calavera Preserve is the largest of Carlsbad’s thirteen nature preserves. It includes intersecting walking/biking trails, boardwalks, a few small streams, a man-made reservoir and the remnants of an ancient volcano. The 22 million year old volcano plug (Mount Calavera) is one of only three volcano plugs in Southern California. A volcano plug is formed when magma within the vent of an active volcano hardens. If this doesn’t cause the volcano to erupt due to the pressure of the trapped magma inside, the volcano surrounding the plug erodes over time, leaving just the plug intact.

These hiking trails are popular but the specific trail we were on, which goes by shady oak trees and over boardwalks, was not busy this morning. We spent close to an hour throwing seeds, leaves, and sticks into a flowing stream. A1 needed outdoor toddler time, to do important toddler business. A hilarious highlight of the day was listening to a rodent munch on weeds that we watched slowly pull into his home.

There are several entrances to the preserve, but I like to park in Oceanside, off of Skyhaven Lane.

5 thoughts on “Lake Calavera Preserve, Carlsbad

  1. Anonymous says:

    You find the coolest things!!! What is A1 looking at so sweetly in the photo with her hand covering her mouth. What a gorgeous day to be out in nature. I love these photos, all of them. What a cool spot. Next time we’re in Carlsbad we’ll have to check it out. So dang fun.

    1. She was looking at the animal eating. Well, we couldn’t see it but we could hear it!

  2. I learned so much reading this blog today! Never knew what a ‘volcano plug’ was before!! You and A-1 look happy and adorable on your adventures – and right in the heart of Carlsbad!! Who knew that Mt. Calavera is ONE of three volcano plugs in So. California? And love A-1’s sporty California Dreamin’ sweatshirt!! 💕❤️

    1. I didn’t realize how uncommon volcano plugs are in So Cal. And this one is so close! Good thing it isn’t still active. 😉
      A1 and I love adventuring!

  3. Denise says:

    Oh man, what a cute place. It was the most perfect day to be in nature. Thanks for yet another place to explore. What is A1 looking at, in the bushes, so sweetly. I love all these photos. WOW. What fun. You are the best mom ever.

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