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We took advantage of the negative one foot tide today, driving 15 minutes to the Cerezo Bluff tide pools in Carlsbad. The tide pools are always incredible, but when you find an organism that is a little more scarce, it is even more fun. Today we found two sea hares. The California brown sea hare is a species of sea slug. Their name comes from their rhinphores on their heads, which look like rabbit (hare) ears. When threatened they expel purple ink. They can grow up to five pounds, so the large one we found is as big as they come. I have never seen a sea hare so large. We found all the usual organisms (sea anemones, crabs and shells) as well harder to find ones (brittle stars and California aglaja). The aglaja is a predatory sea slug and I have never found one before. And still haven’t as Eric officially found it. Such an amazing day at the tide pools. Science field trips are the best.

4 thoughts on “Cerezo Bluffs Tide Pools, Carlsbad

  1. Two sea hares found!! Amazing details!! I’m beginning to wonder if the ‘seeds are being sewn’ for a junior ‘scientist’ to grow up and want to become an oceanographer perhaps?!! Her two grandparents in the 1970’s joined the Jacques Cousteau Society and had the official sticker of a ‘mermaid’ on the side window of their brown station wagon – till we sold said car in the early ‘90’s when we moved to Temecula! Loved all the wonderful photographs, too, of yesterday’s visit!!

    1. I could easily see her becoming a scientist. She is fascinated by all organisms. Time will tell!
      Such a fun story about the Jacques Cousteau Society. I love that Jacques said that Eric was a handsome baby.

  2. Denise says:

    What a gift to live so close that when you noticed the tides will be negative, you can head out and into the pools. I have seen you hunt in them… you are relentless so your awesome discoveries did not surprise me much. What did surprise me is the fact that a sea hare is real and that you found two of them. So dang fantastic! You are the best person to explore with and when I can’t be with you, actually, I get to explore with you virtual which is almost as good. WOWZERS. Well done!

    1. A1 is at such a great age to be fascinated by the sea creatures. It is so much fun. I am grateful we live so close. That is for sure.

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