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Travels north, east, south, and west of our Oceanside home base.

Latest from Four Points Bulletin

Nissan Surfer Girl Surf Pro, Oceanside

The world’s largest all-women surf event, 16th annual Nissan Surfer Girl Pro, is back at Oceanside pier. Over a hundred of the top women surfers compete to become a Super Girl, in a sport dominated by males (only 20% of surfers are females). These incredible women surfers have an opportunity over a three day period …

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Plant Day, San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is an accredited botanical garden. The zoo’s mission to safeguard wildlife doesn’t stop at animals but includes the plants that animals depend on. There are 700,000 plants at the zoo and forty horticulturalists that care for them (at both the zoo and the Safari Park, as well as off-site farms that …

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San Luis Rey Mission, Oceanside

The San Luis Rey Mission was founded in 1798, the eighteenth of twenty one Spanish missions built in Alta California. The current church is the third one built on site, constructed in 1815. The mission was nearly destroyed after changing hands over the course of forty years, from Spain to Mexico to LuiseƱo Native Americans …

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