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Our trip to the Living Desert Zoo today was more about exploring the nature trails than observing zoo animals (although we did partake a little). As zoo members we don’t have to cram it all in in one day, so we spent most of it in an untouched area of the Colorado Desert (a small section of the Sonoran Desert).

All of the Living Desert Zoo hiking trails start to the left of the big horn sheep exhibit. From there you have several options for extending your hike. The longest hike is 3.5 miles. The zoo prevents tourists from wondering if is it too hot to hike in the desert that day by completely closing access to the trails June through September.

We found a great shaded picnic spot at mile one of the Adventure Loop. The majority of our time was spent looking at ants and birds, hitting trees with sticks, and throwing dirt. We also did the short hike for a view of the San Andreas Fault.

Yellow tutus have absolutely no affect on our sense of adventure.

4 thoughts on “Living Desert Zoo Adventure Loop, Palm Desert

  1. Denise says:

    Okay, all the photos of faces are adorable yet I am incredibly smitten by the ostrich’s. The giraffe peeking over the hill is wonderful, too. What a fabulous day of exploration. I was JUST reading about the trails there. So fun. Thank you for leading the way. I can’t wait to go. Wow. So diverse and so nature! Well done babe.

    1. I look forward to reading about what you thinking of it! We love it.

      I thought the ostrich was really fun too. Soooo full of personality. It was probably thinking, “if we were in the same enclosure, I would so mess you up”… not very nice.

  2. Another beautiful blog!! Amazing photos once again! Loved A-1 dancing around and exploring ‘nature’ in her yellow tutu and aqua boots!! Hope to go there someday! 🤗

    1. We would LOVE to go with you! Your granddaughter can show you around. 😉 It is so pretty, and flat!

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