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Travels north, east, south, and west of our Oceanside home base.

Mountain Center is an unincorporated community in central Riverside County, along our shortcut to Palm Desert from Oceanside. At 4,500 feet elevation, the area averages 29 inches of snow per year, and they welcomed a few of these inches last night. We got to drive through the area on our way to the Living Desert Zoo. There was no traffic for us driving east on the 371 but those coming from the desert weren’t so lucky. It was a bit chaotic as people (some more prepared than others) were trying to rush up to see the snow while it lasted. One flatbed truck was stuck in the ice, backing up the oncoming lane for a mile. The Porsche driver backed out for some reason, either impatient or worried about ice.

We always love this drive, but the snow made it especially beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Mountain Center, CA

  1. Denise says:

    “Snow was falling,
    so much like stars
    filling the dark trees
    that one could easily imagine
    its reason for being was nothing more
    than prettiness.”
    ― Mary Oliver

    So beautiful and what luck that it was on your way to somewhere.


    1. I was telling Eric if we didn’t have plans, if would have been fun to go out of our way to see it. Snow in Southern California is always a treat.


  2. Sounds like Garner Valley…just below the town of Idywilld. Love this valley! Used to visit an animal rescue compound called ‘Living Free’ – rescue sanctuary for dogs and cats. ❤️ Beautiful snowy photos!! 🌟


    1. Actually, it is the same area! Mountain Center weaves in and out of Anza, and Gardner Valley is just right there. We drove past the animal rescue. Which was covered in snow. So pretty. (Hopefully the animals weren’t freezing!)


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