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Sand n’ Straw is a 6 acre farm that sells produce, flowers, coffee and baked goods, offers cooking and gardening classes, has story time and farm animal visits. That pretty much sums it up! This family farm has been opened for about 6 years. Eric said he has driven by it a thousand times and never noticed it.

Today we came for the farm animal visit. It is $10 for a family of up to five. They provide the food (you can ask for more greens if you run out) and the animals. They are are open on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday for the animal farm (10:00-1:00). The produce stand is open on Wednesday and Saturday (10:00-2:00).

Sand n’ Straw is great for small children, and people looking for a back to scratch. We will definitely return. It is the perfect way to spend an hour (and cure any desires to own a pig).

Four Points pointer- The animal feeding area is not huge. They only allow three families at a time to feed animals, but I think the best chance of having the animals to yourself is booking two spots (for a total of $20) for their 10:00 appointment (you do need to make a reservation ahead of time). Our appointment today, at 10:30 on Veteran’s day, wasn’t bad, but it was definitely getting more busy as we were leaving.

2 thoughts on “Sand n’ Straw Community Farm

  1. Denise says:

    Oh my gosh, what a darling series of photos. No pig for you guys? I love A1’s little hands scratching backs and feeling critters. That last video with the Hello and then ‘shock’ was precious. I told Steve that when we’re back in SoCal, I’m going to just open your blog and write everything you’ve done, down, and have the most amazing itinerary. We won’t run out of things to do for the foreseeable future. I love your shares. Thank you Brady. I would armchair travel with you anywhere… until we can do it together in person… SOON!

    1. Fun! You will enjoy this place. It is quaint. The employees are nice (it is family run). I will keep exploring and hope you have a nice list of things to do upon your return!

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