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I am not sure what we love most about visiting the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens in the rain. Maybe it is just the fact that when rain is in the forecast, I have a hard time believing it and so make plans as usual. Or maybe that it is open rain or shine (unlike Leo Carrillo Historic Ranch which the girls wanted to visit today). Or maybe we love running to the palapa for cover, while everyone else runs to their cars and leaves (it is really nice having the place to ourselves).

Despite its small size, this is our second visit and we saw art that we didn’t see the last time. I imagine we would notice even more if we weren’t distracted by precipitation.

2 thoughts on “Alta Vista Botanical Gardens

  1. Denise says:

    There are silver linings from being kept close to home, the discoveries made, when you just HAVE to get out, are incredible. I can’t wait to explore Alta Vista Botanical Gardens when we’ve migrated South. Can you picnic there (on non rainy days)? I’m very motivated by ‘food consuming’ destinations. So dang fun. Thanks for the share and where did you get those umbrellas?

    1. The umbrellas are from Amazon. Do people buy anything elsewhere. 😉
      And yes, you can eat there. There is a designated area by the herb garden with a bunch of tables and umbrellas, but there are other benches and tables scattered around.

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