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Eric and I visited the London Bridge, in London, two summers ago. But the bridge we visited was opened in 1973, and was not the iconic one that was always falling down, my fair lady. The famous “Old” London Bridge was in place from 1209 to 1831. That bridge sometimes displayed the heads of traitors, and involved fires and collapsing arches. The “New” London Bridge (1831-1967) wasn’t as gory nor as disaster-ridden, but it too had problems. It was sinking and was way too narrow for 20th century traffic. When the Common Council of the City of London placed the bridge on the market, it was the founder of Lake Havasu City that won the bid (at $2,460,000). The bridge was then taken apart, each brick meticulously numbered, and then shipped to Arizona through the Panama Canal. Needless to say, the price of the bridge did not include free shipping. The total price tag (from the purchase to the rebuild) ending up being $5.1 million, but it was well worth it to lure people to Lake Havasu City. It is the second most popular attraction in Arizona, right after the ever so grand Grand Canyon.

Another quick fact about Lake Havasu City, it is home to the most amount of lighthouses in any one city. The lighthouses are functional navigational aids, but are scaled down lighthouses (27 in total) modeled after famous lighthouses around the United States.

Today is day one of our week long vacation to celebrate my big 4-0. The weather is ideal. It definitely feels like a vacation even though we are just five hours from home.

After admiring the London Bridge, and the vintage wrought iron entrance gate that was acquired through a separate deal, we spent the late morning at the beach at Rotary Community Park, watching birds, playing with bubbles, and walking through the calm, cool water, while basking in the sun.

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  1. Denise says:

    I have been there a few times and never saw the lighthouses or new the entire history. This is so dang cool. Day 1 was a huge success. Keep sharing. I am living vicariously. WOW.

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