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Savage Gardens is a traveling exhibition that is making its first ever appearance in San Diego. The San Diego Botanic Garden is hosting “The Real and Imaginary World of Carnivorous Plants” until October. It is incredible how the 8,000 square foot conservatory has been transformed into a bog. We plan to make multiple visits because most of the bug eating plants are inconspicuous, so they are easy to miss. Not everything needs a trained eye to observe, there is also a walk-in pitcher plant and an interactive Venus flytrap. It is fun for all ages. Carnivorous plants are an example of mother nature at her darkest, plants have evolved to lure insects to their demise, absorbing their nutrients.

3 thoughts on “Savage Gardens, San Diego Botanic Garden

  1. Denise says:

    It truly was an excellent exhibition and the music on the lawn afterwards was a special treat! So fun spending a summer night with you both!

  2. Denise says:

    If this is a repeat comment, delete it. I submitted on and it didn’t post. As for the San Diego Botanic Garden, what a very, very cool place with a whole lot going on. This exhibit was incredibly interesting and the concert that followed was the epitome of what a Summer Night should be. So dang fun. We’re happy we got to share it with you both.

  3. Kimmie says:

    What an amazing place!

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