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The museum name is a mouthful, but very descriptive. The Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum is a nonprofit organization dedicated to displaying and giving tribute to skillful work created by underrated craftsmen (and craftswomen). These craftspeople are artisans who have built something intriguing on a small scale. The museum opened in 2011, and since has grown to the top attraction in Carlsbad according to TripAdvisor. You can get lost in wonderment in this large space, inspecting every detail of each intricate model on display.

2 thoughts on “The Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum, Carlsbad

  1. Denise says:

    We discovered this FREE treasure years ago and were so impressed. Glad you loved it, too. Great pics! FUN memories.

  2. PHILIP YANTIS says:

    This trip brings many memories to the surface of my mind. I remember the first time I saw a miniature circus. It was at Pier Point Landing in Los Angeles Harbor and it was billed as being powered by fleas – “A Flea Circus”. It also pulls up memories of cotton candy, saltwater taffy, corndogs, and my father fishing for crabs.

    My father, A1’s great-grandfather, would have especially enjoyed the extremely detailed model of the F4U Corsair aircraft. He spent time in the Philippine Islands during World War 2 repairing Corsairs after battles. Sometimes riveting flattened tin cans into the outer shin to cover bullet holes.

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