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The roads through Yellowstone National Park are closed to road traffic during winter except for two little sections. Today we took a drive on Gallatin Road which takes you through a northwestern portion of Yellowstone National Park. The day we arrived in West Yellowstone a semi-truck driver hit and killed thirteen bison and so there were extra warnings about wildlife on the road. Although we didn’t see any bison today we did see female elk, two herds of 20-30 off in the distance. It is a beautiful drive albeit icy. The contrast of blue skies over pristine snow covered land is indescribable.

One thought on “Gallatin Road, MT

  1. Denise says:

    Oh, the bison deaths are so tragic. They are such a vison in Yellowstone. Beautiful scenery especially when viewed while at home in front of my fireplace. I’m loving your wintery adventure (very vicariously).

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