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The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center is a non-profit organization in West Yellowstone, Montana. It opened three decades ago and was accredited with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums a decade later. All of the bears at the Discovery Center were acquired after becoming nuisance bears or cubs of nuisance bears. The wolves are all captive born. There are two rival wolf packs, separated by a warming hut with windows on both sides, so they can stare at each other (and through visitors). Although it is small, there are several warming huts since temperatures in West Yellowstone can be frigid (it was -60F a week ago) so having some time in doors in between animal observations is necessary. Since it is open every day of the year, a visit here is possible no matter the season or weather. You just need to make a trip to West Yellowstone to make it happen.

2 thoughts on “Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, West Yellowstone, MT

  1. tagpipspearl says:

    -60F! The coldest temps I’ve experienced were -30F, and it was painful. What an adventure!


  2. Denise says:

    It’s amazing that there is so much to do in such challenging weather. I guess if you waited for a warm day you’d be waiting for a while. Fun, fun, photos and facts.


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