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Rancho Guejito Winery in Escondido is a magical place. Located on the outskirts of their 23,000 acres, it feels like you are out in the country. Each Sunday they offer food services, which use their organic, grass fed beef in their recipes. Almost every weekend they are open they have live music and a jumper for kids, and every single weekend they offer hay rides through their orchards/vineyard. This visit we knew to ask David, the tractor driver, if A1 could ride up front, instead of in the back with the rest of the customers. This winery is something special. When you are at Rancho Guejito it feels like home.

2 thoughts on “Rancho Guejito Winery, Escondido

  1. Evelyn says:

    Oh, wow…how did I not know about this beautiful place before!! So fun, beautiful, and family-oriented as well! Love to visit there sometime!! 🎶🍾👍🥂

    1. Agreed. Let’s go!

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