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Tupelo Buffalo Park is a converted 175 acre cattle ranch. The original owners’ collection of buffalo grew so much it became the biggest herd east of the Mississippi River. What has now become the Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo (the largest zoo in the state of Mississippi), they have an interesting collection of exotic animals and an extensive petting zoo.

Despite the variety of animals to feed, goats were the animal of choice. Giraffes are intimidating, miniature horses bite, and camels are snobs.

4 thoughts on “Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo, MS

  1. Denise says:

    Oh man, what fun. You look absolutely adorable by the way. I laughed out loud at the “No Profanity” sign. I love your synopsis about the temperament of the various animals to feed. Fun stuff.

    1. They were temperamental alright… the giraffe tried to push me with his head if I wasn’t feeding him fast enough.

  2. tagpipspearl says:

    Love the “No Profanity” sign!

    1. There were lots of those signs around the birds. I never would have thought to try to teach a zoo animal cuss words, until I read the sign. So I think that the sign might actually encourage it!

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