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Travels north, east, south, and west of our Oceanside home base.

Vicksburg, Mississippi is home to the world’s most iconic soft drink, Coca-Cola. Joseph Biedenharn bottled his first coke here, at the Biedenharn Candy Company, in 1894. The candy company has been converted into a museum where visitors can see the equipment used to create the beloved soda, a timeline of the history of the company, a display of all of the coke bottles created (which takes up an entire wall), as well as all of the coke memorabilia used to advertise it. It is pretty unbelievable that the company was able to nab Santa Claus as a spokesperson. Look up America.

3 thoughts on “Vicksburg, MS

  1. Denise says:

    Who knew? I love COKE. What a super cool place. I’m going to take your itinerary and follow it next time I travel. Fun, fun photos, too.

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  2. tagpipspearl says:

    That soda fountain is marble? Beautiful!


    1. It is marble! It was originally located in New Orleans and brought to the coke museum as a display. But it did dispense coke!

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