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Travels north, east, south, and west of our Oceanside home base.

With the pandemic present we put a pause on airplane travel, but we are ready to press play again. For our summer trip through the south we decided to fly to Houston, placing us within two hours of Louisiana (the first southern state on our itinerary).

A1 had a very memorable first flight. We spent our waiting time at the LAX United Club lounge. Then she was given not one but two pairs of wings (one from a pilot and one from a flight attendant). As a grand finale, she was invited by the pilot into the cockpit after the flight. I didn’t think this was still common practice in a post-9/11, post-pandemic world. I even got to partake in the cockpit tour (which I have never done before). I was so surprised by how little their windows are.

All of this along with a turbulence free flight, I honestly don’t think a first flight experience could be any better. This must have been obvious to the pilot as well, he said she should bring her wings to her job interview when she is older.

One thought on “LAX-IAH

  1. Evelyn says:

    So happy and grateful all went so smoothly on A1’s very First Flight – at the tender age of 3!! And glad for ALL of you that this flight went so well! So I imagine you three are now in your rental car headed to NOLA! How exciting! So happy this is a summer of travel once again! We are all looking forward to your NEXT post!! Happy Travels! Hugs! ✈️🤗 Grandma Evelyn

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