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Jungle Bells is an annual event hosted by the San Diego Zoo. There are performances, lights and Christmas decorations, all set up to make it feel a little more like Christmas in sunny San Diego. The only downside, most zoo animals are not nocturnal, so there are few to see. The real enjoyment factor is being at the zoo at night, which we rarely experience.

We went on Jungle Bells opening day, and were pleased by the lack of crowds. There was no wait at all to soar over the zoo on our favorite ride, Skyfari.

The highlight of tonight was located right outside the zoo, in Balboa Park. The model G16 miniature train was open later than usual, and completely decked out with Christmas lights. What a pleasant surprise.

3 thoughts on “Jungle Bells, San Diego Zoo

  1. Kimberly Chung says:

    Amazing pictures and experience! I will have to go sometime.

    1. Well, maybe we will skip the zoo and stick with the Safari Park! Do you think you may come out one Christmas?

  2. Denise says:

    We loved Wild Holidays at the Safari Park! We’ll have to do the Zoo next year! Thanks for letting me know what we are missing. So fun.

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