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Ellen Browning Scripps (an American journalist) was one of the first San Diego Zoo philanthropists. She paid for the framework of the Scripps Aviary to be built, in 1923. Back then, it was the world’s largest aviary (measuring 95 feet high and 115 feet long). Although it has been remodeled a few times, the exterior structure is original. Now, visitors can enjoy a waterfall and thirty five species of African birds from several points outside the aviary, as well as from within.

The San Diego Zoo has a lot of history within its walls (which were also funded by Ellen Browning Scripps).

2 thoughts on “Scripps Aviary, San Diego Zoo

  1. Denise says:

    We were there a couple of years ago and really did not pay any attention to the history of the aviary. I went to the Zoo a lot in the sixties. It’s interesting what we deem important as we get older (history is a biggie). I googled Scripps Aviary historic images and found one from opening day… wild stuff. What fun for all of you. A1 looks as adorable as ever.

    1. I love that picture. I saw that as I was researching.
      I didn’t realize that specific aviary was historic until this trip!

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