Four Points Bulletin

Travels north, east, south, and west of our Oceanside home base.

Buddy Todd Park is one of fifty six Oceanside parks, but in 1929, it was the first. Buddy Todd is Oceanside’s oldest park. It was renamed Buddy Todd in 1947 to commemorate the first local resident to die in World War II. Perched atop Mesa Drive, with views of the ocean and the Ecclesia Rosicrucian Fellowship Temple, its nineteen acres is brimming with cheerful, towering trees and rolling hills. Our local Audubon society says it is a great place to see some early arriving warblers, orioles, and tanagers, and is a hotspot for rarities. And, more importantly for some, there is a pretty sweet playground. I think Buddy Todd is, by far, the best park in Oceanside.

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