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As of this month the San Diego Zoo has two new reptile exhibits, appropriately located very close to the Reptile House. Interestingly enough, the Reptile House actually used to serve as the entrance to the zoo when it opened in 1923. The hummingbird and Komodo dragon exhibits cost ten million dollars and took over four years to complete. The buildings, which house the smallest birds and the largest lizards on our planet, are absolutely beautiful.

4 thoughts on “San Diego Zoo Hummingbird and Komodo Dragon Exhibits

  1. Denise says:

    How fun to see such amazing new things at the Zoo. It has been ages since we’ve been. I love all the photos capturing the critters and I always love seeing the family, together again! What a blast!!!

    1. You will love the new exhibits when you go again!

  2. Kimberly Chung says:

    Your nieces are so grown up now! There is a komodo dragon at the aquarium in Lausanne. So cute that you and A match with the stripes!

    1. They are grown up! A1 is super lucky to have such amazing cousins! She adores them.
      As for the stripes, I will match until she realizes I what I am doing (and doesn’t like it).

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