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Jon and Hanny DeJong immigrated to the United States from Holland in 1947. They leased their first dairy in 1958, with one cow and four teats to milk. Now their children and great grandchildren run the operation, which produces 500 gallons of milk a day. DeJong’s Dairy is the only dairy in California that breeds and raises their own cattle, and milks and processes their own milk, all on their own land. Their selection isn’t huge, but what they have is amazing, fresh and hormone-free. They are especially famous for their creamy, rich chocolate milk. (Our fridge is stocked.) We spent over an hour making four legged friends. The petting zoo costs just fifty cents for a bag of food. We went through four, plus one bag that one of our new friends stole right out of our own hands. Just when you think you are really getting to know each other…

3 thoughts on “DeJong’s Dairy, Wildomar

  1. temeculan says:

    Beer Pop Ice Milk?

  2. Denise says:

    Love this ALL. What fun. I have to take my grands there when next they visit. So dang cool. You do find the most fun stuff. “Simple Pleasures”. WOW.

    1. Don’t forget to bring a cooler for your chocolate milk!

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