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Today is Earth Day. What better place to celebrate our planet, and the amazing animals we share it with, than the Safari Park. The Safari Park is always a great experience but today we saw a lot of new things. The non-profit changed their name from San Diego Zoo Global to the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, and they have a new, creative logo to match. They have planted a new butterfly garden. There is a new information kiosk with a viewpoint on your way from the Australia exhibit to the tigers. Also, we found a section of the Safari Park that we didn’t know existed before. As you walk from the platypus exhibit there are some restrooms and a large building that has a drink cart. We always continued on without looking inside, but if you walk through the building there is a beautiful exhibit with blue-headed, large-footed cassowary birds and another with long-tailed tree kangaroos. Today was cool and drizzly and all of the animals were out enjoying the weather, especially the elephants (which typically aren’t too exciting to watch).

Happy Earth Day!

2 thoughts on “Safari Park, Escondido

  1. Denise says:

    I was just there last week and you saw things I didn’t. I love that about the Safari Park for that reason. It changes with the flowers that bloom and the babies that are born! Thanks for sharing what I missed. That said, the elephants were hysterical when we were there. Feisty and fun. Great photos Brady!

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