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Cerezo Bluffs is my new favorite beach (if I am going to drive). The tide pools always offer something interesting to poke, but the most fascinating thing at the beach today was not marine life. Instead, it was ladybugs. Thousands of ladybugs, crawling on algae and sea grass, swimming by wavy turban snails, hanging out with crabs, strolling along the shoreline… it was something I have never seen before. I guess ladybug wash-ups are nothing new. In 1939, 4.5 billion ladybugs washed up on a small section of coast in Egypt. Ladybugs are known to congregate during hibernation months, so when the temperature gets warm enough, they will leave their winter location together, eventually dispersing and landing on flowers and plants (where we usually see them). These little beetles followed the wrong leader and wound up a little too west! Surprisingly enough, ladybugs are great swimmers, so they should be just fine. I don’t think it could have been a better day at the beach for us, catching ladybugs and crabs simultaneously.

Nature is amazing.

One thought on “Cerezo Bluffs, Carlsbad

  1. Denise says:

    “The ocean stirs the heart,
    inspires the imagination
    and brings eternal joy to the soul.“
    – Robert Wyland

    Our time with you at the Bluffs was exceptional! You got me the Sea Hare. I love it and YOU! Thanks babe.

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