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East Idaho Aquarium is a non-profit, opened in 2013, whose mission is to raise awareness about aquatic and non-aquatic ecosystems. It houses fish, birds, reptiles and a rodent (Rufus that porcupine). Two of the fish here (large albino alligator gar) were recently donated by Tracy Morgan when they outgrew his home fish tank. Upon entry you are given the option to buy tokens which can be used to buy food to feed a variety of species. We fed an iguana, fish, sting ray and the porcupine. Eric put money into what looked like a video game in order to control the remote operated underwater camera in the largest tank.

This is our first visit to the aquarium, located just two miles from my sister’s house. It is small but in an hours time we went through it three times, thoroughly enjoying each lap.

4 thoughts on “East Idaho Aquarium, Idaho Falls

  1. East Idaho Falls Aquarium looks like a little gem…and only two miles from your sister’s house!! What a great find! Loved all the photographs, too, and it’s great to see the variety of expressions on A1’s sweet face! Thank you for sharing! 💦🐸🐠🐡🐟🐊

    1. It’s a little surprising we haven’t been before considering how close it is. But, that being said, it’s kind of something more geared towards a family with kids. Nix is at a perfect age for it.

  2. Denise says:

    The photos came out amazingly well. I agree with Grandma, A1 has a variety of expressions clearing show how she feels about each critter. What a lovely treasure for you guys there. The selfie with the iguana is hysterical.

  3. Cori Wurster says:

    What a neat little place. Soooo fun!

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