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Blackfoot, Idaho (which was named by traders and trappers in 1818 after they saw the blackened, ashy footwear of Native Americans after a wildfire burned through the area) is known as the “Potato Capitol of the World”. It is no wonder that Blackfoot is home to the Idaho Potato Museum since it has the largest potato industry in one area. Downtown Blackfoot is full of beautifully designed Art Deco buildings.

The Potato Museum, which is located in the original Blackfoot railroad depot built in 1912, is definitely worth a visit. You leave with a much better appreciation for potatoes. Did you know the average American eats 110 pounds of potatoes each year? Or that thirteen billion pounds of potatoes are harvested in Idaho each year? Plus, there is a cafe attached which makes the most amazing french fries. (Thank you, Thomas Jefferson, for bringing french fries to the United States!) A1 had a hard time leaving the Potato Lab, where she was meticulously making Potato People, so we ended leaving with a lot of potato knowledge and a Mrs. Potato Head.

2 thoughts on “Blackfoot, Idaho

  1. Denise says:

    This is beyond amazing. It is on our must do for Idaho (going in the fall). Great history, images, and detail. So dang cool. You find the most exceptional sites to visit. Well done Brady!!!

    1. You would love this museum. Any the building it is in.

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