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In March, right as Covid started to really make a name for itself, we went to the Living Desert for the first time. Knowing how much we loved it the last time, we decided to go ahead and become annual passholders. (If we go just twice it is the same price as an annual pass. And if we only go once, we are giving a little extra money to this non-profit. It is a win-win.)

The Living Desert is dedicated solely to the deserts of the world. The gardens opened in 1970, when a 360 acre wilderness preserve was established. Over the years, more and more animals have been introduced, and more and more land purchased. Now there are 150 desert species (eagles, cheetahs, wild dogs, giraffes, badgers, bobcats, bighorn sheep, salamanders…) that live on 1,800 acres of land. There are three hiking trails of various lengths within the zoo, one of which you can see the San Andreas Fault from. The next time we come we will do a hike for sure. Today we paid $5 and fed giraffes lettuce. That was an event in and of itself. Feeding the needy (giraffes) is a great way to start Thanksgiving.

One thought on “The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

  1. Denise says:

    WOW. I have heard of this place for years and have never taken the time to go. It would be worth it, just to feed the giraffes! I am BEYOND jealous of that. I’m going!

    That photo of your sister and family could be their Christmas card. Wow.

    So dang awesome. Keep sharing babe. Love the video so much, too.

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