Four Points Bulletin

Travels north, east, south, and west of our Oceanside home base.

Nagoya port is Japan’s largest and busiest. It is also where Toyota exports from since the factory is located nearby. We aren’t here for that, however, but instead to see the Public Aquarium, the floating Antarctic Museum, the Maritime Museum and the observation tower (all within a few minute walk of each other).

The Public Aquarium, just like the Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo, is indoors (and doesn’t smell pungent at all). The only part that is outside is the shows, but it is totally covered. Japan is always thinking ahead, which we were so grateful for on this hot and humid day.

Fuji (named after Mount Fuji) is an icebreaker Antarctic research vessel turned museum. It had 2,869 days in action and 23,416 charges in the sea ice before retiring.

The maritime museum focuses on Nagoya’s role as an international trading port as well as the history of the relationship between the sea and people.

It is interesting to see items confiscated at the port (the gun fit perfectly into a captain’s log).

The observation tower is just seven stories high but it still offered a nice view of the Port of Nagoya, as well as an overview of all we did today.

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