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Tokyo Dome is an indoor stadium that typically hosts Giants games (the main Tokyo team). Today two other professional teams were playing, SoftBank Hawks verses Rakuten Golden Eagles. We were rooting for SoftBank since our entry included SoftBanks jerseys and flags (they ended up not winning but we had fun anyway). Since we bought our tickets today we had to wait in line for a while, but we were walking to our seats right as the National Anthem was playing (perfect timing). I think the prices were very fair, $40 per seat and beers for $6 (poured right at your seat). This is actually the second game I have seen at Tokyo Dome. It is funny the things you notice as an adult versus a teen. I don’t remember the chopstick meals.

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Dome

  1. Denise says:

    So dang cool and the jerseys were included? What a very, very cool night of all things Japanese. I love this post. Baseball is awesome no matter what country you’re in. Great photos, as always. Fun.

    1. The jerseys were included! Baseball is baseball no matter the country… with interesting nuances.

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