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Jerome is an old copper mining town, perched on the edge of the Black Hills of Arizona, one hour from Prescott. Jerome was founded in 1876, and was once known as the wickedest town in the west. I guess that’s what three million pounds of copper per month does to a town. There were 15,000 people living here in the 1920s, making it the fourth largest town in Arizona. The town sits directly on top of the largest copper mine in Arizona. Copper hasn’t been mined since the 1950s but once a month city employees tour the copper mine network below the city to make sure the buildings above are safe. Today the town is an artist hub, with a population of less than 500. Besides art and history, the main attraction to Jerome are the ghosts. It is the biggest ghost town in the United States. Jerome has something for everyone’s interests, for some it is simply the little park in the center of town.

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  1. Denise says:

    This is your second post about Jerome, and after the first one, I wanted to go there. Steve said we can stop there on our East Coast adventure. Thank you for inspiring. What a great capture of a historical town!

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