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It is that time of year, the World of Orchids annual showcase is currently on display in the San Diego Botanic Gardens 8,000 square foot greenhouse. This year the exhibition will last from March 11- April 9. Throughout the showcase, upon multiple visits, visitors can expect to see different orchids as all the plants are on loan and are exchanged weekly. Even if the orchids were not exchanged, it is impossible to notice the intricacies of each orchid viewed. The variety of orchids on display always reflect the diversity of the orchid family, of which there are 28,000 species. Being one of the oldest families of flowering plants has permitted amazing diversification. The colors, patterns, sizes and shapes of each orchid flower are all distinct and incredibly beautiful. And each one of these plants started from a microscopic seed. Orchids have the tiniest seeds of any plant in the world.

2 thoughts on “World of Orchids Showcase, San Diego Botanic Gardens

  1. tagpipspearl says:

    The colors are stunning! Even the mushroom is pretty :).

    1. The mushroom was outside the greenhouse but I loved it so much it had to be included.

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