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The Safari Park is home to more than just animals, it also offers a unique haven for rare and endangered plants to thrive. Between the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park there are over two million plants that are cared for. They also act as a rescue center for plants confiscated from wildlife trafficking.

The San Diego Safari Park horticulturalists are doing their part of conserve species while make the park a more beautiful place, as well as giving humming birds and other pollinators some much needed nourishment.

5 thoughts on “Botanic Gardens, San Diego Safari Park

  1. Granpa Phil says:

    Wonderful photos and commentary (as always). Of course some of my favorites are always A1, proud grandpa that I am.

  2. tagpipspearl says:

    Gorgeous – especially the Grevillia!

    1. You will have to be more specific. Which plant is that? Inquiring minds want to know.

      1. tagpipspearl says:

        Picture #3 looks like my Grevillia, although mine was the straight species and bloomed orange/red rather than a true red as in your photo.

      2. Thank you!

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