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There is more to Beaver, Utah than delicious ice cream and cheese at the Creamery. In the county of Beaver there are 114 listings on the National Registrar of Historic places. The Beaver United States Post Office, with its perfectly laid bricks and copper clad roof was built in 1941. It reflects both Moderne and Colonial Revival architecture. Inside there is a New Deal oil on canvas mural by John W. Beauchamp. The art work, “Life on the Plains”, was commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts. The Beaver post office is a time capsule, opening for anyone who enters.

4 thoughts on “Beaver Post Office, UT

  1. Denise says:

    There are so many amazing Post Offices. We could probably use them to plan an exceptional road trip. Wow. I’ve got Beaver, UT on my list.

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  2. tagpipspearl says:

    Beautiful old building. Look at all that gorgeous wood!

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    1. It just makes you wonder what you drive right by when traveling on a freeway. We need to slow things down, in a jalopy or horse and buggy, and see everything this country has to offer.

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