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We love this time of year, when the San Diego Zoo Safari Park stays open late, its grounds covered with holiday cheer for their annual Wild Holidays. This year is better than years past (maybe due to the 50th anniversary of the park). There are more lights than usual, more displays, and there are musicians that randomly set up wherever you are and play holiday classics. Usually the only slight disappointment is leaving the Safari Park without seeing animals, but now that the Safari Park has platypuses, late night visitors are in for a real treat. The platypuses were at peak play, rolling down waterfalls and then back up them. It was the most active we have ever seen these venomous, egg laying, beaver tailed, duck billed organisms that seem like they would spend an eternity on the Island of Misfit Toys if they were made of plastic instead of covered with fur.

4 thoughts on “Wild Holidays, Safari Park

  1. Denise says:

    We’re going tonight!!! That’s for helping the excitement. WOOHOO.

    1. Let the good times roll.

  2. tagpipspearl says:

    Gorgeous! In photo #4 – what is the swimming creature? It looks like a platypus!?

    1. It sure is! The only two platypus outside of Australia live in San Diego!

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