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Travels north, east, south, and west of our Oceanside home base.

Griffith Observatory sits atop Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park at 1,135 feet elevation. The original 3,000 acre property where Griffith Observatory was built was donated by Griffith J. Griffith (you have to love that name) in 1896. Griffith J. Griffith also donated funds to build a planetarium and an observatory. His goal was to make astronomy accessible to the public. When the observatory opened in 1935 it was the 3rd planetarium in the nation, logging 13,000 visitors in its first five days. Over the years it has become the most visited observatory on the planet. In 2002 its exhibit space tripled in size after a $93,000,000 project, making the complex concept of the origins of the universe a little more tangible for a lot more people.

Griffith Observatory exceeded my expectations. I can only hope we can time it right one evening to look through their original 12″ Zeiss refracting telescope. More people have looked through this telescope than any other telescope in the world. Sign me up to be one of the millions.

Four points pointer- It costs $10/hour to park up the hill or anywhere close to the observatory. You can, however, park at the Greek Theater and either walk up the hill or take the bus up. When we return I am sure we will take advantage of this option. After making the trek up it is all downhill back to the car.

2 thoughts on “Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

  1. tagpipspearl says:

    Amazing building and history! The only experience I have with L.A. is the freeway at rush hour – an experience I’ll never forget. But I’d return just for the Observatory if no other reason.

    1. The freeway at rush hour? Sounds like the opening scene of La La Land! Love that movie.
      Well, the observatory is amazing. We didn’t see at movie at the planetarium due to the age recommendation, but I recommend it to you. Astronauts trained there for the Apollo mission in the 60s! Also, since you are a botanist, after the observatory take a 30 minute trip to Pasadena for the Huntington. You can’t go wrong! It’s all waiting for you when you have the time.

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