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Temecula Valley has about fifty wineries to choose from, all of which vary in cost, comfort, amenities, popularity, flashiness, exclusivity, and wine quality. Today we wanted to go to wineries that we haven’t been to before. Even though we are from the area, we haven’t visited many of the local wineries since there are so many to choose from and when we develop our favorites we tend to focus on those. Today we started at Lumiére Winery. The owners bought in 1987, so it is one of the first in the area. It is super small (the owner was out wine steward) and super affordable (I don’t know of another winery in Temecula that has a glass of wine for a little over $5). The wine was very good but the winery itself was more like hanging out at the owners house so we decided to move on to Akash Winery. The owners of Akash purchased in 2010. This winery was fancy inside and out but the wine was almost undrinkable and almost $20 a glass (and that was on the lower end). It just goes to show you, you can’t judge a wine by its winery.

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  1. Denise says:

    You and your sisters look amazing! I love your boots. Again (I hope you never tire of this praise) your images are exceptional. Love this!

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