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La Casa del Zorro Resort and Spa is magical. Visitors are transported back to 1937, when this luxury resort was first opened. The 42-acre landscaped desert, complete with wild animals like owls, bats, and rabbits, continues to showcase passé amenities such as shuffle board and croquet (why these games are out of style, we will never know). Other activities include a one-mile track, rock climbing, ping pong, pickleball, tennis, fitness center, 28 pools, and more. Close to the restaurant there is a display showcasing nicknacks that guests used to be greeted with if they made the trek out for a stay at La Casa del Zorro. I personally love the canteen. Even though La Casa de Zorro gifts are no longer included in a resort stay, the customer service remains original, as does the architecture and ambiance. When an employee spotted me taking a picture of the chandelier she commented that chandelier had been hanging there as far back as she could remember, when her grandmother was the manager at La Casa del Zorro. This is our second stay at La Casa del Zorro and even though it is unforgettable, we always leave with plans to return.

3 thoughts on “La Casa del Zorro, Borrego Springs

  1. Evelyn says:

    Sounds absolutely wonderful! Brady, they should (with your permission, copy your ‘review’ and place it in their brochure) and/or place it on their website! Five-star rating for sure! 👍💫💫💫💫💫

    1. They deserve it!

  2. tagpipspearl says:

    Such a beautiful hotel! The ceiling and fireplace are especially gorgeous.

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