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Our first seconds in the French Quarter began at the Mississippi River, where 25% of the country’s fish species live. Within minutes, we were welcomed with a street band playing in front of Cafe De Monde (where the line for beignets always extends into the sidewalk). We had to duck inside shops and restaurants periodically to avoid heavy rain today. Drinking a ramos gin fizz on the street while admiring the creole architecture, eating independence day beignets and talking with New Orleans Baby Doll Ladies, our New Orleans experience is exactly as I imagined it. Walt Disney captured the feeling tone perfectly in New Orleans Square at Disneyland, although the French Quarter is much more grand. Founded in 1718, the city has had over 300 years to mature. And we relished every detail.

6 thoughts on “French Quarter, New Orleans

  1. tagpipspearl says:

    Wonderful photos! I’m glad you all visited one of the best cities in the country. My spouse and I have some grand memories of attending the Jazz and Music Heritage festival back in the 1980’s. That lovely apartment building looks the same as when we saw it.

    1. A jazz festival in New Orleans, it doesn’t get more ideal than that!

  2. Kimberly Chung says:

    Looks amazing! I have never been and always wanted to visit. You will have to let me know the best foods you ate their after the trip. 😊

    1. It’s such a fabulous city. The food is a bonus, for sure!

  3. Denise says:

    This is an amazing post! The subjects of your photos are always so dang creative! I love the tootsies on Bourbon street, the hanging beads, the sweet faces, masks… all of it. AND your butt and Lady Gaga’s have been in the same seat. Too fabulous. What a great post. Keep sharing.

    1. My drink was delicious too. We had a fabulous time but we felt satisfied with what we did and decided just to spend one day in the French Quarter. I am just expecting to be back at some other point in my life.

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