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Temecula Valley is known as Southern California’s Wine Country. There are over forty wineries clustered on the rolling, vineyard-filled hills east of the city of Temecula. Temecula can get hot so enjoying this time, when spring begins to turn to summer, is an ideal time to visit.

Churon is a chateau style winery, opened in 2001 by two friends Chuck and Ron (their combined names forming ‘Churon’). This winery sits on a fairly small parcel of eleven acres. As a result, Churon Winery produces just 7,000 cases per year (one case is equivalent to twelve bottles of wine). Churon is a quiet, intimate boutique winery with delicious reds and whites, enjoyable on their small patio. They have a grand entrance with a wine inspired topiary.

Bottaia Winery grows all their own grapes. On their 45 acre property they are able to produce between 10,000 and 20,000 cases (20,000 cases is the cut off to still be considered a boutique winery). The view on the patio at Bottaia is unlike any other winery that I know in Temecula. The view alone inspires many cheers.

3 thoughts on “Wine Country, Temecula

  1. tagpipspearl says:

    Good pictures, and I especially like that table the 3 of you were sitting at.

    1. I know, they tried to give us a table on the interior of the patio, but I refused. Can’t trick me! 🙂 We only had to wait minutes for it to be bussed and we enjoyed it for hours.

  2. Denise says:

    This definitely is not the Temecula of your childhood. I’m really happy with the way the town has evolved. Living La Dolce Vita ❤️

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