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There is nothing better than Yellow Post Site camping in the San Bernardino National Forest. It feels so far from home, even though it is just two and a half hours away. Yellow Post Sites are unique to the San Bernardino National Forest. They are free, backcountry, first come, first serve camp sites, marked with a yellow post. We lucked out this time, no one was in the site we wanted, Yellow Post Site 6. Thank goodness for four day weekends. We were able to arrive early enough on Friday to be the first to come, first to be served. There were several trucks and jeeps that drove by upon our arrival, rooftop tents in stow, that you could feel their disappointment from the road.

This is the first time we have camped at a Yellow Post Site when campfires have been permitted. So after we set up camp, explored our surroundings, and lounged in hammocks, we were glued to the fire. Temperatures in the 30s may sound warm enough, but I can assure you that in a tent, it is not.

Without a doubt, feeling like you are never quite warm enough is worth a sky full of stars.

4 thoughts on “Yellow Post Site 6, Thomas Mountain (check in)

  1. Denise says:

    Oh my gosh, what an advertisement for camping! The photos are exceptional, especially the nighttime view of your home away from home. What memories you are making. WOW. I love the cold, albeit happy, faces you all have.

    1. I can’t believe how well that night picture turned out. iPhones make it easy, that’s for sure. Ansel Adams would be jealous…

  2. tagpipspearl says:

    Beautiful! Makes me miss camping – except the cold :)!

    1. Ha! The cold is a bit intimidating. But better than camping in the rain I suppose.

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