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In 1945, the USS Midway was commissioned as the largest ship in the world. It slowly became the longest serving aircraft carrier in the 20th century. A half century after it was commissioned (eons as far as technology is concerned) the ship was decommissioned, but that is not all she wrote. Twelve years later the ship reopened as the USS Midway Museum, allowing curious persons to wander throughout its eighteen decks, gaining some perspective of life aboard one of the most famous Navy aircraft carriers.

4 thoughts on “USS Midway Museum, San Diego

  1. temeculan says:

    Another wonderful trip & entry. Good Job A1. Not sure about your RIO. But it looks like you’re ready to splash some bogeys.

    1. She is on it!

  2. Kimberly Chung says:

    Great pictures! I think EHS hosted a prom on the Midway one year.

    1. They did! That was the last time I have been. Not the same experience… 😉

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