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Vanillina, fettuccine, prosciutto, pancetta, gelato, cannelloni, panuozzo napoletano, pesto e più are packed like sardines into Ciao Marketplace in Vista. The marketplace, which includes a delicatessen, a bakery and gelateria, has whatever you are looking for to remind you of your last trip to Italy. It sits right in the middle of Ciao Ristorante, an Italian owned restaurant which has been serving Vista, CA for decades. I usually write about travel, not food, but when in Rome…

3 thoughts on “Ciao Marketplace, Vista

  1. tagpipspearl says:

    Yum!! Those cheesecakes, those chocolates – heavenly!

  2. Evelyn says:

    I can’t sleep tonight so just discovered this great post! Just love, love, love the last photo….of my sweet granddaughter wearing a dress and cardigan sweater, and then standing sideways to the camera, and her lovely facial profile looking up; and also just noticed how long her hair is getting! 💕🥰💖

    1. Her hair is getting long, but it just isn’t growing down! 🙂

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