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Lyon Air Museum is located in a hangar on the west side of John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, CA. The museum was established by Major General William Lyon (the real estate magnate), designed to “preserve the stories of the greatest generation in aviation.” Lyon Air Museum is riveting, amplified by the continuous sounds of airplane and helicopter takeoffs and landings which fill every inch of the 30,000 square foot facility. The exhibit is comprised of impressive and rare, meticulously cared for World War II aircraft, automobiles and motorcycles. There is also an intriguing hour-long documentary currently running in the attached theatre about WWII Japanese fire balloons. Some would say, however, that the best part of the museum is the historical memorabilia dedicated to experience through tactile learning.

4 thoughts on “Lyon Air Museum, Santa Ana

  1. Denise says:

    Wow, who knew!? I absolutely love this post. It is now on our list! You are leading the way to unforgettable memories. I love the excitement A1 is expressing. I also love the identifying label for the cigarette lighter. WILD. FABULOUS PHOTOS. I would love to find that hour-long documentary to watch at home. Way, way cool. Greatest generation, indeed.

    1. The price is right too. You both would love it. We plan on going back at some point. There is so much to see/notice. I love watching the planes going by every few minutes. What a popular airport!

  2. tagpipspearl says:

    Fun pictures! There’s an Air Museum similar to this one in Tillamook Or. that we visited years ago.

    1. That’s so fun you went to the Tillamook air museum. The last time we drove by it, it was during this never ending pandemic and we didn’t want to be inside with people. Hopefully next time.

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