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The DeJong family has been milking for generations, here at this specific spot in Wildomar since 1958. Throughout the years it has managed to hold on to its old school dairy charm. It costs just fifty cents a bag to feed the animals, whose hunger never seem to be satiated.

We went a little milk crazy this time, even purchasing a 2.5 gallon bottle (which seems to be unique to DeJong’s Dairy).

This place is the teets.

2 thoughts on “DeJong’s Cash and Carry Dairy, Wildomar

  1. Denise says:

    Is that your purchase on the counter, ready to go? If so, whoa, that’s a lot of chocolate milk. It really looks like a fun place to send time with kiddos. Can you picnic there? So fun to see you go there twice and blog something so different.

    1. Yep! That’s our purchase. But the milk is for more than just ourselves.
      I am not certain about picnicking. I don’t recall seeing picnic benches but I could be wrong. You can take tours too, schools often go there for field trips.

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