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What started off as a small stage and open seating in the middle of Brengle Terrace Park to celebrate the nation’s bicentennial would develop into the Moonlight Amphitheater. In 2009, the amphitheater received millions of dollars for a complete renovation, and the rest is theater history. Spectators now get the opportunity to watch the sky change from day to night in anticipation for an evening show. Bringing your own food and drink is encouraged as you wait for the sun to set. The venue always welcomes high quality performances, tonight was Beauty and the Beast (a classic). As Belle sang, the international space station shown in the sky. We are so lucky to have this late night entertainment so close to home. I am always thoroughly impressed with the performances and tonight was no exception. All of my favorite Beauty and the Beast songs were on point, and Gaston was spewing ego.

2 thoughts on “Moonlight Amphitheater, Vista

  1. Denise says:

    Nothing says “SUMMER” like a night at Moonlight. What fun. I heard only great things about Beauty & The Beast. What fun for all.

    1. Agreed! It does scream summer. Lucky us it was such a fabulous performance!

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