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As we drove into Mount Rainier National Park the visibility decreased considerably. By the time we parked at Paradise Visitor Center, we had no idea how close we were to Paradise Inn (which the visitor center shares a parking lot with). After parking I realized how underprepared I was clothing-wise, so I ended up (very warm) in a XXL jacket. We watched people in ice climbing gear, in ski gear, and in hiking gear, all set off on the same trail. Since there was no chance of seeing iconic Paradise views like Mount Rainier or Nisqually Glacier, we decided to focus on wildflowers, and so hiked Nisqually Vista Trail. July and August is wildflower season in Mount Rainier National Park. Supposedly the season is just getting started. If tens of thousands of flowers is an introduction, I would love to see the park at its peak.

Paradise Inn was built in 1916, and the guide house in 1920. Both places are where climbers begin their mountain ascent. The inn is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s super warm and inviting (in temperature and decor). No wonder it is booked out months in advance. Next time we come we will definitely make a reservation.

6 thoughts on “Paradise, Mount Rainier

  1. Evelyn says:

    What an unexpected and glorious adventure – beautiful photographs of wildflowers, misty fog, snow, flora, etc. When I read that Paradise Inn was built in 1920, I was reminded that Eric’s grandpa was born in Washington that same year – July 26, 1920; and grandma born in Kansas, Missouri, I believe, today, on July 16, 1914! So glad you had such a spectacular beautiful adventure today at Mt. Rainer Nat’l Park!! 👍❄️☀️

    1. Thank you! It was colder than expected, but we survived. It is so beautiful there.

  2. Denise says:

    To have so many seasons entwined together is pretty darn magical. Wow, what an experience. I have never heard of this place. Next time (boy I’m getting tired of typing that in every blog comment I write to you). Thanks for the eye candy!

    1. It’s officially one of our favorite national parks! But I think you need multiple days in hopes of the fog lifting!

  3. tagpipspearl says:

    Absolutely beautiful! And I am relieved to see some snow!
    Wonderful photos!

    1. I do wish the skies were cleared so we could see the gorgeous views, but we had such a great time regardless. Definitely more snow (and cold) than expected!

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