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Noble Berry Farm is located in McKinleyville, six miles from the 101, off a narrow road shaded by kissing trees. We grabbed a coffee can turned blueberry bucket hanging on the fence next to an enter sign and let ourselves in, sampling as we went to make sure the tartness to sweetness ration was just right. This was our first “pick n’ grin” experience; our expectations are going to be high the next time. There is nothing better than hand-picked, sun-warmed blueberries on a beautiful summer’s day (especially when you are picking them with your super sweet cousin). Our homemade pancakes are going to be exploding with flavor tomorrow.

Four Points Pointer- It is cash only and there is no place close by to thicken your wallet. That being said, the price is very fair, so you don’t need a lot. We spent a little over five dollars (for two toddlers) after an hour of blueberry picking.

2 thoughts on “Noble Berry Farm, McKinleyville

  1. Denise says:

    What a wonderful thing to do with the little ones. A1 is so intent in that one photo. I love it all. Was this a planned event or a surprise find? I think those are the most wondrous of activities. I love the cousin hug. Is there anything sweeter? Way to have a blast.

    1. It was planned! Megan has wanted to go for a while, but saved it for us.

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