Four Points Bulletin

Travels north, east, south, and west of our Oceanside home base.

Eureka, we have found it; a stirring experience for all ability levels and all ages. The Redwood Sky Walk is a new, fabulous addition to the Sequoia Park Zoo. Their very accurate motto is “see the forest from the trees.” It is like strolling through an Ewok tree village on the moon of Endor. The peak of the sky walk is one hundred feet above the forest floor, giving visitors a totally unique perspective of our planet’s tallest trees.

I don’t think our adventure would have been complete without taking a walk through Sequoia Park, crunching on pine needles, spotting banana slugs, crawling through hollowed out redwoods, balancing on top of redwood bridges, and seeing the sky walk from below. It was no wonder that our endorphins were so quickly being released into our bloodstream as we walked over the bridges of the walkway, which swayed with the weight of each step.

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