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San Clemente is famous for its Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. This was all part of Ole Hanson’s master plan in the late 1920s. He had a dream to create a Spanish Village by the Sea, and in doing so created one of the first master planned communities in the United States. He had to drag prospective buyers to the area from Los Angeles with luxury limousines, but his plan worked. Hanson was able to attract enough people to sell 1,200 lots in the first six months. Every deed mandated residents to comply with the red-roofed, white-walled Spanish Colonial Revival style. A San Clemente tile and wrought iron foundry was even developed to meet the needs of the growing city. Nowadays it is a ritzy place to live (the post office sells pricey art, for some reason) and a super fun place to go to feel like you are on vacation, even when you are not. And, not that we needed the icing on the cake, Paradis homemade Danish ice cream is divine.

3 thoughts on “San Clemente, CA

  1. Denise says:

    Brady, I have plans to go there in a week with Cindy. We will explore the history you mentioned. The ice cream looks too good to miss. San Clemente has some great thrift stores, too. Fun stuff.

    1. We ran out of time, and had to leave in a rush. But we will keep thrift stores in mind the next time!

  2. Very enjoyable blog! A childhood friend’s retired there years ago (from Bell); and lived there many years. I still keep in touch with my friend…who resides in Corona Del Mar. Looks beautiful! Haven’t really spent any time there, but have driven through on my way to other destinations. Nice blog!! 👍😊

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