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Today’s low tide wasn’t super low (-.8′) but I was hopeful it would be low enough to see at least some of the 1930’s shipwreck that sits in front of Coronado Shores Condos. We had no such luck, however, we did find out that the only time to see the wreck is winter, when the tides are more extreme and the sand is pulled off the wreck by stormy seas. (So now we know.) We were delighted by how many whole sand dollars there were along the beach. Sand dollars are echinoderms, a species of flat, burrowing sea urchins. For some reason, although not a super rare find, they are extremely rewarding to uncover. Well, not as rewarding as finding a ring… While I was finding sand dollars I shook my hands dry and my grandfather’s wedding ring flew right off my finger into a few inches of turbid water! Luckily Eric had the sense to not follow the water to see what was being dragged out to sea (as I did in a panic), but instead stood right where I lost it. His tactic paid off since he discovered it, partially buried in sand! It must be nice being the hero of the day!

As we walked north, towards the Hotel del Coronado, we came across tide pools directly in front of the hotel that I never knew were there. We spent an hour and a half exploring the rocks and intertidal organisms. I think these tidepools are a little more toddler friendly than the ones we usually go to in that there is sand to walk on, so A1 could explore more on her own. The most exciting thing we found today were sea sponges (the orange organisms in the pictures). Sea sponges have no organs or tissues and eat by filtering the water that they come in contact with.

We are so fortunate to have so much to explore so close!

2 thoughts on “Coronado Beach, Coronado Island

  1. Denise says:

    So dang cool! We’ve spent time on Coronado ogling the architecture and have always wanted to hit the tidepools. Now, after reading this, it is a must! Two words: Orange Sponges! Wild. A1 looks so dang content. You all look happy. What fun. I did not know about the shipwreck. Coronado this winter, here we come! Great post.

  2. Oh WOW! I learned things in this post that I never knew existed – like the 1930’s shipwreck in front of the Coronado Shores Condos! Guess winter, as you said, is the best time to observe that! And then, all those sand dollars – amazing finds! And Bravo and congrats to Eric for having the ‘mindset’ to remain and dig in the sand to recover your grandfather’s wedding ring! Amazing and so glad he found it! Sounds like the perfect family outing for an early Saturday morning! 👍🌟

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