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In 2005, then-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaimed Calico to be California’s Silver Rush Ghost Town. At the height of its silver production in the mid-1880s, Calico (named for its Calico colored peak) had 500 mines and had drawn nationals from China, the Netherlands, Greece, France, Ireland and England. The small town had everything one could possibly need; a school district, a post office, a Wells Fargo, bars, a meat market, brothels, general stores, hotels, lawyers, a sheriff, doctors… How I wish I could have walked the main street in its heyday. Of course, if I had a time machine to go back in time it would have to be very accurate since Calico became a ghost town just twenty years after its conception.

For just eight dollars per person it is the perfect place to stop on the way to or from Las Vegas from California. Walter Knott had a vision seventy years ago, when restoring it to its original condition.

We’ll be back.

2 thoughts on “Calico Ghost Town, San Bernardino County Regional Park

  1. Denise says:

    I want to go. I want to go. I want to go!!! I wanted to go the first time you went. I want to go even more so now. So dang awesome. Your photos are wonderful. What fun. That one of A1 through the railing… so precious. Thanks for bringing us along for your amazing ride. Woo hoo.

    1. Thank you. The view at the top is fun. Visit number two had just as much to offer as visit one. We are really liking this pitstop. And it is so close to the 15!

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